We live near one another, but are we sufficiently interested in the cultural environment of our closest neighbours? Are we ready to accept a person, who speaks in a different language, who looks differently or has different beliefs? In the plentitude of events focusing on Jewish cultural days, our society will be able to recollect or even get acquainted with the richest Jewish history and its fascinating traditions and culture. Klaipėda dwellers, guests and all the people interested in both Jewish and our own joint history are invited to attend lectures, films and performances, exhibitions and workshops as well as the degustation of traditional Jewish cuisine.

The first international Jewish festival in Klaipėda will not only be full of stimulating and meaningfull meetings. We will also remember the history of our region, we will recollect the traditions of our neighbours and those of the people living in more distant countries. We will find out the pecularities of living side by side, we will try to understand the importance of sincerity.

We expect Jewish culture days to grow into one of the most important events of the city, known far and wide in an iternational setting, representing Klaipėda as a multicultural city where the living communities have a voice, are visible and active.

Be with us and among us!

The initiator of the idea and the coordinator of the events of the Jewish Culture Days „SHALOM IN ALL THE WORLD“ is the art critic Ruta Jakstoniene.

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